Sustainable Eco-lodges in Colombia

Staying at eco-lodges is a great way for you to partake in responsible travel & contribute to the preservation of Colombia’s sustainability

An Eco-lodge is a type of tourist lodging that has a low environmental impact and is usually well integrated into its surroundings. Eco-lodges typically provide all of the amenities and the best level of comfort to their guests.

Eco-lodges are frequently included in sustainable concepts, and this type of tourism also covers other areas. The concepts are as varied as the accommodations themselves, be it saving local wildlife or supporting the local community.

The majority of Colombia’s greatest eco-hotels have a quiet ambiance and are located away from city bustle and noise. Colombia has a well-developed bus infrastructure, although eco-hotels may also provide transportation.

Sustainable practices are always in effect at eco-hotels, such as using solar energy, storing rainwater, and constructing with recycled materials. Some eco-hotels are built employing conventional building techniques used by the region’s indigenous peoples, providing an intriguing cultural experience.

With the above in mind, staying at eco-lodges can be a great way for you to partake in responsible or sustainable tourism and contribute to the preservation of Colombia’s diversity and sustainability. Here are the 3 best eco-lodges to add to your Colombia itinerary to contribute to sustainability.

El Almejal Eco-lodge

El Almejal is the Pacific’s sole lodge with its ecological reserve. It was named one of the 65 greatest examples of ecotourism development in the world by the World Tourism Organization. Its accommodations are calm and comfortable, allowing visitors to relax while listening to the sounds of the sea and wildlife.

There is a living area with a spectacular view, a walk-in closet, and open-air waterfall showers in the suites. They were constructed using bioclimatic design principles and transparent design. It also offers a safari-style cabin with 58 square meters of space and safari-style finishes located 15 meters above sea level. The doors and windows have been built to let in the filtered light from the woodland.

The Ecolodge El Almejal is a magnificent spot where tourists can experience extraordinary occurrences such as humpback whale sightings, turtle births, and dolphin encounters.

Awatawaa Ecolodge

Awatawaa is situated in La Punta de los Remedios, La Guajira. Present in the north of Colombia, La Guajira is home to three natural parks and five indigenous communities. La Guajira has become a world tourist attraction that must be visited due to its flora, fauna, great culture, and stunning beauty

As for the Awatawaa eco-lodge, it is the only site in the world where you may gaze at the Sierra Nevada from a Caribbean Sea desert beach. It is a waterfront lodge where you will wake up to the sound of birds chirping and fall asleep to the music of the ocean waves at Awatawaa. It is a spirit-lifting experience not to be forgotten. Each of Awatawaa’s teak wood cottages is handcrafted by local artisans. They’re renowned for their wonderful organic harmony with mangroves.

This lodge has a restaurant, a lounge, and dry cleaning services. Free Wi-Fi is available in public places. A lawn and tour/ticket help are also available. Showers, ceiling fans, and waterfall showerheads are available in all rooms as well.

El Cantil Ecolodge

This place may appeal to you if you want privacy, waves, unique experiences, nature, and are environmentally conscious, sympathetic to low-income populations, require proof of sustainable measures, and reject bogus eco-practices.

El Cantil, situated in one of the world’s most biodiverse areas, is dedicated to enhancing the local community’s socioeconomic conditions through projects such as excellent education for children, adult business training, and sports, among other things. As a result of El Cantil’s efforts, COTECNA, a Swiss business, has awarded it the Colombian Environmental Seal and the High-Level Certification for Sustainable Tourism.

If you want to support Colombia’s biodiversity and people, a great way to do that is by adding a stay at eco-lodges to your Colombia Itinerary. 

At Onygotours, 

we support all travel and stays that have minimal impact on Colombia’s ecology and people. As such, we will help you plan your stay at these and other great eco-lodges in Colombia to ensure that you have a comfortable time at your holiday accommodation while keeping your environmental impact low and even compensate what turns out being impossible to cut off or avoid like some flights and others.

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