5 Experiences You Can Only have in Colombia

Did you know your next vacation could become a tool for peacemaking? Responsible holidays in Colombia can have a powerful and positive impact on the local economy and society. There are many ways you can help preserve wildlife, natural resources, and the cultural heritage of the region, and we’ll pave the way for you right now.

Historically sensitive places

If you’ve done your research on Colombia and were to travel there, you may have noticed that Pablo Escobar Tours comes up frequently. The drug lord shadow still covers up the country and its reputation. And, yes, infamous narco-tourism is booming lately thanks to some brain-less tour operators and uninformed visitors. What they must ignore is how much damage caused violence and narco-terrorism in Colombia. So why spend your time in a beautiful country making an apology to the life of a terrorist when you can still learn about it and make a positive impact? It’s something to think about, isn’t it?! If that sounds more like you, then check these wonderful options for you to support peace-building projects all over Colombia.

Caguan Expeditions – in San Vicente del Caguán

Thriving despite the war. This astonishing rafting adventure in Colombia is an authentic example of how former guerilla members who pledged to peace try to get back to normal if society gets them a chance. They stopped dodging bullets for navigating the agitated rivers in the Guaviare region.

Rafting with Caguan Expeditions

– Memorial Park Inflexion and Memorial Museum – In Medellín

A resilient effort of the Medellin’s community, but also its administration, to transform preconceptions and to re-signify a much darker place. This is as well the best way to discover facts about the ’80s and 90s times and to go beyond the Netflix shows.

Second Chances Restaurant – In Cartagena

Actual female inmates who will prepare the best local meal you can get in the Caribbean coast. What was first a mere social experiment, turned these women into top chefs of the tourism national jewel: Cartagena. Been in prison never tasted so good!

Second chances Restaurant – Cartagena

Want more?
All these projects work day after day, building the country we Colombians deserve. Their leaders work with targeted sectors of our society that are vulnerable and do their best to transform their lives. And exactly as they do it, there are over a thousand mind-blowing ideas that would change your perception of Colombia.

If you ever feel curious about traveling to Colombia in small groups and discovering similar initiatives for affecting locals’ lives then hit us and we’ll be happy to help. For a start, We have a free guide full of ideas ready to enhance for your trip.

Escobar’s Death portrayed by local artist Fernando Botero

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