Hidden Gems of Colombia for Adventurous Travelers in 2022

Less-traveled Colombia tips. If you want to play your part in preserving Colombia’s diversity, the following are the top responsible destinations in Colombia that you need to add to your Colombia itinerary.

Colombia is known around the world for its biodiversity. The country is home to a diverse range of exotic wildlife. The wildlife is complemented by stunning natural beauty, from lush jungles, beautiful rainforests, and pristine beaches to stunning highlands, unending deserts, and plains. Environmentally conscientious travelers can enjoy low-impact sustainable tourism and adventure travel in Colombia while also helping to raise awareness about the country’s rare species.


The majority of visitors to Colombia visit two or three of the country’s major cities as well as the famed Caribbean Coast. However, Colombia is much more than its well-known attractions and cities. Here’s a list of sites to add to your Colombia itinerary to venture off the beaten road and find the country’s more hidden gems. It will allow you to truly appreciate the country’s unique combination of culture and scenery while traveling responsibly to keep your travel impact low.


La Guajira

We are inclined to think you were unaware that Colombia has a desert. La Guajira is one of Colombia’s most intriguing regions, located in the country’s northeastern corner and bordering Venezuela. The harsh temperature and terrain make life very difficult in La Guajira. Hence, the region is sparsely populated.


The coast is largely made up of sand dunes and small towns that serve as launch locations for local fishermen. It may seem leisurely, but there’s something magnificent about the territory’s remoteness, and there’s something dramatic about the desert colliding with the turquoise sea. If you decide to visit: enjoy the sand dunes, take a trek along the cliffs, and visit the local fishing communities. Finish the day by splashing in the water and then watching the sunset from a beachfront hammock. La Guajira is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you won’t find anyplace else.


El Cocuy National Park

El Cocuy National Park, with its sacred snow-capped peaks, glacier-gouged lakes, and medieval ice fields, is Colombia’s sustainable tourism crown jewel. Every year, a growing number of daring hikers explore this spectacular natural park, eager to investigate its alpine terrain. Rare and colorful Colombian birds, such as the torrent ducks, Andean condor, Andean cock-of-the-rock, and many species of hummingbird, have been observed in El Cocuy as well, making the place great for Colombia group travel and nature-related adventures.



This well-preserved colonial-era city, situated between the mighty Andes and the wild forests of the unending rainforest, has tremendous sustainable tourism potential.

Spa Las Pailas has natural pools where you can unwind or trek to waterfalls. The Bosque de la Microcuenca de la Quebrada la Resaca, a reserve spread across 400 hectares of land that contains several protected animal species, notably monkeys and turtles, is another nature hotspot you can visit in Florencia.

Other excursions include taking a riverboat ride down the Ro Orteguaza (an Amazon tributary) or visiting the “El Encanto” stone carvings in the Torasso area of the city.


At Onygotours, we can help you explore these and other hidden gems in Colombia to their fullest potential. Our local experts will craft authentic Colombia trips that include destinations off the beaten road so that you can enjoy a peaceful trip away from all the tourist crowd while ensuring you have minimal impact on the environment during your Colombia group travel or a solo trip.

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