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Colombia Group Trips For Aged 25 to 45 Social Impact Small Crews Inclusion Families Transformation Incentives Peace Making

Join us discovering real Colombia and empowering projects. Our trips led by locals are for feeling, tasting & doing as locals. We’ll also affect BIPOC & vulnerable communities, all in a very Colombian experience.


A sustainable choice for the high-end adventurer. Book ONE, TWO OR THREE weeks, and discover less-traveled Colombia with our small-group guided tours. 


Compensate travel footprint with us. Or, you can even check the resources we’ve created for your responsible trip. And you may as well use our inspiration & ideas for discovering on your own.

What we do



We create optimized routes, supported by responsible partners & YOUR regenerative actions to make our itineraries compliant with strict criteria. #Co2Compensation #FlyLess #NoSingleUsePlastics approach



Our community-driven trips foster peace-building initiatives through cultural exchanges. Trips planned & welcomed by locals. Human experiences for inclusion, peace, & transformation.



#StressFreeHolidays. Leave the planning to us and focus on that tan instead! Benefit from local know-how. Our expert local staff will provide you with top service while helping you to grasp all about Colombia and its treasures.

Why Colombia?

Colombia's open for travelers in 2021-2022

Colombia is welcoming all travelers:, NO lockdown, NO visa, NO PCR tests, NO vaccinations. Just some simple forms that we’ll help to fill out. Find more in our FAQ’s guide.

Darker days are left behind

The violent days of guerrillas and cartels are long gone. Peace is thriving in Colombia for a while now, and travelers from all-over are making their trip to discover this off-the-radar destination. Find more in our FAQ’s guide.

Nature lovers get Memories for life

A mega-diverse country with astonishing aspects: ancestral cultures, deserts, beaches, mountains, bird-life. We take you to the top spots & also to less-traveled Colombia so you can experience the real magic. Find more in our FAQ’s guide.

Colombia's Affordable, Fun & LIfe-changing

The best hidden South American treasure: Colombia means top quality at inexpensive prices. Also, Colombia has kind people who will warm your heart & make you want to stay. Find more in our FAQ’s guide.

All about the 'gram

Not sure yet?

Here are some interesting articles: 

Magical realism: local brand by Prospect 

Strong Afro roots by New York Times

Ancient Kogui Wisdom by The Guardian

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Who Plans the trips?

Founder & Tour Leader

Braulio is a tour leader & bird nerd. He went to Universidad de Antioquia and was a grantee of the EU for attending University of Groningen, and later on he got trained in tour leading and sustainable travel at SENA and GSTC, respectively. He is the lead volunteer at Medellin's chapter of The Impact Travel Alliance. Follow him on IG @brhol_inst  

Self-Development Trips

Laura's from Germany, but settled in Medellin. She's an avid traveler whose +9 years made her love helping others. After a life-changing trip through South America, she stayed in Colombia and joined our team. Laura crafts trips for people who are seeking their inner selves & a radical change in their lives through personal growth. Find her as @laura_kolumbien

Business Operations

Andres is our numbers guy. Holding +35 years of experience in international business and logistics altogether. Originally from Dibulla, a small Caribbean fisher town where time stops. Andres' international expertise makes him responsible for the administrative side of things at @Onygotours and for the relations with our suppliers. 

our culture

We all know our travels are polluting and after covid-19, everything changed globally. Even the United Nations and the UNWTO have established coherent plans for focusing on sustainable reactivation of the travel sector. In Colombia, we want to play our part. We aim to fight back by implementing concrete actions in different fields:


How do we do what we do?
-Spreading the voice amongst travelers, partners, and communities 

-Using reliable standards for responsible travel (GSTC criteria)
-Route optimizations and slow-travel
-Travel footprint compensation
-Regenerative tourism actions
-Reforestation in the Amazon jungle with communities
-Empowering Black and Native Indigenous communities
-Buying & consuming local 
-Using like-minded supply chain & partners
-Strategic alliances for reaching more

Decent work and economic growth

Supporting local economies in every step of your trip is a key element. We leave & pay fair percentages to reliable projects.

Responsible consumption and production

Buying local and support local initiatives that are doing it right. We strongly believe in tourism as tool for economic empowerment.

Partnerships for achieving SDG goals

Partnering-up: we are part of an ecosystem and committed community. With your help, stakeholders can reshape travel narratives.

Peace & Justice

Giving back: What if you could transform and support peace projects, lives and communities of a thriving nation just by traveling?


crafted trips w/autonomy

Connecting: We want you to connect with locals and other fellow travelers, but also with yourself: get autonomy within our programs.

Climate action

Reducing your travel impact with our CO2 compensation programs, planting your own forest in the Amazonas next to ours and more.


With our freebie you'll save at least +60 hours of travel planning

30 questions Our travelers asked before Colombia:

unlock our life-hack video on:
-the 30 FAQs +
-tips on 5 top destinations +
-Our 5 favorite less-traveled spots
-itinerary for 3 weeks

Our Clients

Mindful travelers & leading brands

What travelers said…

Is this for me?

this is for ME if...

We’ve discovered how overpriced can all-inclusive get when there are plenty of retailers involved. And, it is not only a matter of paying a higher price, if it’s quality it should be worth paying. But the issue is this money will never touch Colombia when travelers book through multiple middle-men in Florida, Vancouver, Paris or London.


 (because it’s clear that bigger travel brands just resell what others do locally) it’s the conviction of saying that you could support local projects with your booking instead.

Don’t get us wrong! All Colombia is wonderful. It’s just that some destinations are,  almost always too crowded, overpriced and  touristy for our liking. Somehow these spots lost the authentic touch!

So we’ll pass by and discover them, but we’ll do it our own way. 

…As well as their values.

Black, Native Indigenous and People Of Color have historically suffered unfair treatments and misrepresentation in many industries. Particularly, the travel industry has excluded and overlooked on us. We aim for a change. 


With every booking, we will support the revindication process of BIPOC groups and will learn their ways of life and their roots in the Colombian territory.

We rather a road trip over a flight whenever it’s possible. Although we never make them longer than 6h. You may or may not be the most eco-friendly person around, but you certainly believe in minor efforts making a big difference. Also, you know many people doing imperfect actions makes more than only one doing it 100% perfect. 

We know you prefer zero-stress holidays! So our all-curated trips are just the right fit: accommodation in top boutique hotels, activities are all set up and logistics are all-curated for you.


Wherever we’ll go, most Colombians will come out of their ways to make us feel welcomed.


This trip’s for you if your current status is: Feeling curious about Colombia 


If you’re open enough and are ready to try new things, to taste new flavors, challenging your salsa moves and getting in touch with real cultures, please join us. All of that is part of the adventure. You will discover all the stories, ask all the questions and more. 


Our trips are all about discovering what’s popping in Colombia and what we all could learn.

For you, traveling is a learning and growth experience in itself. And you’re actually aware that part of it comes from all we get from explorers we cross along the road.


Yes, traveling solo is actually very nice, now traveling with others is not only safer, but better for the soul and way more fun. An African proverb, part of Onygotours motto, says: “If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together”

this is not for ME if...

Bigger isn’t always better! Especially not in travel talking about group size, or even about a big agency where staff do not know where “la ventana marroncita” isWe’re a small travel brand, and we’ll keep it that way. So we’re more in the person-to-person business. There are a lot of big group-travel brands out there. Most certainly, their people have not even stepped a foot in Colombia. Their game is reselling your ticket. 

But, hey! They got pretty good ads; we give them that! If you rather fall for it, please go get your cookie-cutter formula this ain’t for you.

Although you’ll get plenty of me-time (which is absolutely key for us) we are more into an experiential type of traveling. Unfortunately, you won’t be a good fit if you want every day the same!

Conflict, cartels, cocaine-trade and the war against drugs have harmed Colombia for too long.

Even cannabis trade, when bought from the wrong hands, is financing wars, criminal structures, and deeper social problems: so we’re totally against those dynamics.  

About prostitution: it isn’t legal in Colombia. Moreover, we truly believe its dynamics portray domination, sex slavery and foster just the wrong stuff. #NoToSexTourists #NoToGetHighTourists

You may know at this point that guidebooks are always biased; so we intend to show you the best hidden gems of the country while keeping your safety as a priority.

To be honest, it’s visiting real Colombia when we have more fun, have the best experiences and discover the warmest hearts… next!

We are still learning tons about sustainable development as well. If you don’t have your own reusable bottle or the last eco-soap: that’s fine we can get you one! But if every day you just buy whatever drink in plastic bottles, to throw it away, we’ll give you a walk of shame under the sun of Cartagena: no joke!

A few notes:

Pedestrians in Colombia are never priority at a crossing. Dancing is always ok for Colombians, they will take you for a spin, even if you can’t really salsa.

We’ll do lots of new and exotic local foods and traits. Also, in Colombia not everybody knows how to do a British-like Bloody-Mary or even a Cosmopolitan.

We put Colombian cheese on literally everything. Even when enjoying top restaurants (we do at some points) French service might be a bit Colombia-style.

If this is not the level of authenticity you’re seeking: we’re sorry! You’ll be fine in Miami for sure…

This one is a no go. At several points pristine nature will surround us. We’ll do a few treks (check itinerary) and we’ll spot wild life in their habitats.

We plan on keeping Colombian nature as it is or even leaving it better.


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Sustainable Eco-lodges in Colombia

Staying at eco-lodges is a great way for you to partake in responsible travel & contribute to the preservation of Colombia’s sustainability

Hidden Gems of Colombia for Adventurous Travelers in 2022

Less-traveled Colombia tips. If you want to play your part in preserving Colombia’s diversity, the following are the top responsible destinations in Colombia that you need to add to your Colombia itinerary.

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Colombia Essentials: Medellin + Cartagena

One-week getaway for introducing you to  Colombia. We’ll discover and engage with local communities around Medellin & Cartagena. Together in a small-sized group, we will travel to some of the most vibrant destinations in South America. Groups of up to 4 to 12 people.



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After its recent transformation, Medellin has become a trendy destination worth discovering. Medellin attracts avid and first-time travelers. The city of eternal spring is ideal for nomads, curious and adventurous. A nice escapade with iconic & less-traveled corners of this region. World Travel Awards winner.